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Data protection according to prevailing guidelines

HERRAJES FERRAMOL, S.L. (from now on HERRAJES FERRAMOL), is responsible for this website and in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law of Personal Data Protection (Law 15/1999, 13th December) and the Law on the Information Society and Electronic Trade (LSSI-CE 34/2002, 11th June) has implemented policies, methods and procedures to guarantee and protect the privacy of personal data of its users.

Identity and address of the responsible for the file

The owner and responsible for the file is HERRAJES FERRAMOL, with its aaddress at 71, Cabanyal St. - 46687 ALBALAT DE LA RIBERA (Valencia), Spain.

Services provided through the website

Through the different areas that form a part of this website, users can have information, consult and contract for services offered on the website. The simple navigation through this website is free and does not require any prior registrations by the users.

The only personal data the file responsible will have access to will be those that have been provided voluntarily to enable them access, use or provided services contracting through the website.

Data processing and privacy

The data provided will be included in an automated file whose ownership and responsibility is held by HERRAJES FERRAMOL, and they will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

The entity responsible for the files, and those involved in any part of the treatment and / or entities who would have been notified to, pursuant to the authorization granted by the user, are obliged to respect professional secrecy and they will take the standard protection and the appropriate technical and organizational measures at its disposal to guarantee the security of personal data, avoiding as far as possible, unauthorized access, illegal modifications, theft and / or loss of data.

However, users are warned and informed that technical measures are not infallible and unassailable, so that the file responsible neither will be able to be responsible for such practices nor their consequences.

By submitting those interested their personal data and e-mail to HERRAJES FERRAMOL, they expressly authorize the use of such data for the purpose of further communications, specifically including those communications delivered via e-mail, which HERRAJES FERRAMOL or its subsidiaries carry out with their customers, co-workers and interested parties by informing them about their activities, news, courses, promotions, and also those offers, services and products related to their developed activities. The interested party may practise their data access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights by sending an email to the following address: ferramol@herrajesferramol.com, in order to request, if the case warrants it, their personal data registered at HERRAJES FERRAMOL files to be sent in the same way for inquiry purposes, possible rectification, cancellation and / or revocation of the licence to avoid the reception of communications by notifying HERRAJES FERRAMOL the effective modification and / or deletion of their personal data files.

The personal data of the users, together with those that are started as a result of the access, use or contracting service may only be automatically processed and transferred in the way and for the established purpose and expressly authorized by the users.

Segmentation and data classification

The registration of personal data provided at the time of subscription to courses, seminars, publications, products or any kind of services, and any other provided during their relationship, will also imply voluntary acceptance on its part in relation to such personal data treatment by HERRAJES FERRAMOL to be classificated or categorized in order to apply them to the activity related to the general administration management, information, our services commercialization, profiles elaboration, proposals analysis requested by the users / customers, statistical study services and used contents, likes and preferences, surveys or forms.

Data communication

Providing personal data by users is also supposed voluntary and express acceptance of those data assignment and transfer for similar purposes to those mentioned above, other auxiliary and / or co-worker entities related to HERRAJES FERRAMOL, and the fact of authorizing the file responsible to receive useful information in their files from those entities related to HERRAJES FERRAMOL, even in an interconnected way, for the mentioned purposes.

HERRAJES FERRAMOL will send third parties information to allow its identity in the following situations:
- We have obtained their permission to share those information;
- We need to share that information to provide the product or service that has been requested;
- We need to send that information to companies that work with HERRAJES FERRAMOL to provide them the product or service it has been requested. (Those companies are not allowed to use the identity information we supply them if it is not for helping us providing that we inform you about the opposite);
- We respond to subpoenas or legal requirements, as well as court orders; or when
- We think their activities on our websites infringe any of the use instructions for our products or services.

Those interested rights and their exercise

Users have been recognized by the indicated Data Protection Organic Law, their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, if the case warrants it, with respect to their personal data and use, categorization and / or segmentation of their personal data.

Those interested parties will be able to practise, in relation to their data, their access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights by sending a letter to Updating Data, 71, Cabanyal St. - 46687 Albalat de la Ribera (Valencia), Spain or by sending an e-mail at ferramol@herrajesferramol.com in order to request, if the case warrants it, (i) to be sent in the same way their personal data HERRAJES FERRAMOL files contain for inquiry or possible rectification purposes or (ii) to be cancelled and / or revoked the licence to avoid the reception of communications by notifying HERRAJES FERRAMOL the effective modification and / or deletion of their personal data files.


We inform you that we use cookies to customize the advertising and contents you see when surfing the internet in order to satisfy your demands about certain products or services and to inform you about special offers, new products and services to outline and improve our relationship with the user. We also adapt to their technological means. This information includes their IP address, HERRAJES FERRAMOL cookies information and the pages you have visited. The user has the chance to configure their computing system to be notified about the reception or, if the case warrants it, rejection for the cookies in their hard disk by consulting their computing system instructions and manuals for more information.

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This website uses hyperlinks that allow users to redirect to third parties websites. HERRAJES FERRAMOL, will not be responsible for the contents, information and / or services offered or security measures established in those websites the user has entered through established hyperlinks at HERRAJES FERRAMOL website . In the same way, HERRAJES FERRAMOL will not be responsible for preventive measures taken by any other website that allows to have a link with our website and those the third parties enter under their exclusive responsibility.

Data protection policy and privacy modifications

Finally, we inform you the file responsible reserves the right to modify this privacy policy to adapt it to new legal requirements as well as to changes or industry practices. Anyway, third parties will be warned in advance about the changes that are going to be introduced and the moment they will have the effect.


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